Holidays and local traditions

Pilgrimage of San Tirso

Last Sunday in January.

Holy Week

Staging of the death of the Christ and processions on Holy Thursday and Good Friday.

Race to Arnedillo

Competitive Rally Mountain Championship La Rioja.

Bike Trial Villa de Arnedillo

Competitive Race of the riojano-navarro Trial Championship.

San Zoilo Festivity

Celebrated in the chapel at the Spa, June 27th.

ClásicArnedillo Festival

Two first Saturdays in July. Classical Music concerts and recitals.

Summer Festivities of the Patron Saint

Around august 5th in honor of the Virgin of las Nieves. Mass, sport championships, verbena and town feast.

Mycology Weekend

Early November. Conferences, field outings, mycology exhibition, tasting and farmer’s market.

Winter Festivities of the Patron Saint

October 23rd, High Mass in honor of Saint Servando and Saint Germán, patron Saints of Arnedillo, procession, Spanish vermouth in the square and verbena.

Trail, hike and night race “Villa de Arnedillo”

Around october 12th.

The Smoke Procession

The Smoke Procession is an event celebrated on the last Sunday in November in the town of Arnedillo. In 2013 the Smoke Procession was declared an event of Regional Touristic Interest.

This tradition begun in 1888 in the Riojan town of Arnedillo when a severe epidemic of black pox caused a rising number of deaths and forced the local population to seek out refuge in faith.

They lit a candle to each and every venerated saint in the town where the last candle to burn out would indicate the saint to be hailed in procession, this turned out to be Saint Andrés, protector of health.

They started bonfires in the streets and squares of the town, burning rosemary for its sanitizing qualities and paraded Saint Andrés, which caused the epidemic to diminish. Ever since, the town celebrates the Smoke Procession in remembrance of their ancestors.

The tradition started in 1888 in honor of the Saint who, it is believed, pleaded in favor of Arnedillo when the black pox devastated the town. In memory of this time, the locals burn rosemary and juniper in the streets, as was done at the time of the plague to disinfect the area. In the morning, bonfires are started in the proximity of the church. Later the procession celebrates San Andrés amidst a thick and fragrant smoke, and lastly in High Mass, the local artisanal products are blessed and later auctioned off by the Brotherhood of San Andrés. The tradition was declared of regional touristic interest.

Artisanal products and gastronomy

Cold cuts and artisanal marmalades along with an exquisite and diverse gastronomy that includes roast stuffed peppers with garlic and olive oil dressing. Fresh garlic, riojan potatoes, vegetable stew, pochas, caparrones, patorrillo, sarmiento porkchops, roast lamb, game meat stews, torrijas and delicious homemade desserts are a perfect complement to the touristic appeal of the town.