Visitor Center and Vulture Obervation Point “El Mirador del Buitre”

Located in the old quarry loading site, it consists of two areas:

  • On the inside, it holds a complete exhibition on the life-cycle of the Eurasian Griffon Vulture. You can watch and learn about the nesting and breeding process and watch two life-size models of the vulture mid-flight and set.
  • On the outside, there’s an observation point for bird sighting with telescope and binoculars.

CONAMA Prize for Rural Sustainability.

The CONAMA Foundation presented the Council of Arnedillo with the Second Prize for Sustainability of small towns in its 4th Edition.

The Vulture Observation Point re-opened its doors in April 2022, with a significant remodeling of the building and updated content to make your visit all the more interesting and attractive.

How to get there:

Take the LR-115 to Arnedo, after 1km make a right turn reaching an old bridge in a curved road. Go up the wooden stairs to the Via Verde and walk up the trail (70 m.) until you reach the Vulture Observation Point.


Tfno: 669 576 090 / Fax: 941 39 42 26


Entrance Fees:

Entrance Fees:

0-12 years: Free entrance.

12 years and up: 2 €

Groups (20-25 people): 25 €

Opening Hours:      Saturday: 11am, 12am, 1pm, 5pm, 6pm

It is recommended to make reservations to ensure the best experience +34 941 39 42 26 (Oficina de turismo) // +34 669 576 090.

For group tours we recommend that you make an appointment +34 941 39 42 26 (Oficina de turismo) // +34 669 576 090 or by email