City Council


Plaza Félix Merino, 6
26589 Arnedillo, La Rioja

PHONE: 941 39 44 50


Working Hours

Monday to Friday and from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Municipal Corporation 2023-2027

  • Alcalde: Pedro Antonio Montalvo Iñigo -PSOE-
  • Concejales:
    • Mª Reyes Calvo Martínez -PSOE-
    • Paula Blanco Gil – PSOE-
    • Mª Teresa Alegría Villar-PSOE-
    • Rubén Pascual Martínez de Quel -PSOE-
    • Javier Martínez Losa Zapata-PSOE-
    • Andrés Losada Tamaral -PP-

Cartographic information

Municipal cartography

Municipal geographic display that allows you to easily consult regional orthophotography, urban cartography and the Cartociudad street map, as well as access parcel information from the Cadastre and sigPAC.

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Municipal Thematic Maps

VRegional geographic viewer that allows you to integrate municipal cartographic information with all the information from IDERioja, as well as with information from other regional or national organizations.

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Urban information system

Only for Microsoft Internet Explorer. The Urban Information System allows consultation of the Urban Planning of the Municipalities of the Community of La Rioja, as well as the modifications and developments of each of them. In addition to downloading the regulations and plans, you can consult the graphic information, overlapping it with other sources of information.

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Survey of local infrastructure and equipment in La Rioja

Only for authorized users. Allows access to graphic and alphanumeric data from the La Rioja Local Infrastructure and Equipment Survey.

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CAR thematic maps

Access to IDERioja thematic information layers classified according to the European INSPIRE regulations (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe). The thematic areas to which you have access are, among others: physical environment, land cover, environmental quality, territorial management, populations and buildings, transportation networks, services and facilities and administrative units.

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The Geographic Information System for Agricultural Parcels (SigPAC) allows the geographical identification of the parcels declared by farmers and ranchers, in any aid regime related to the area cultivated or used by livestock.

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The Electronic Headquarters of the Cadastre is the telematic window of the General Directorate of the Cadastre for user service. Through the SEC you can make inquiries, obtain certificates and carry out some of the procedures that were being carried out in the Cadastre Managements.

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