Caves of the Ajedrezado

The caves of Ajedrezado are sites of great cultural and historical value in the Valley of the Cidacos. Located in the higher part of town, in a natural shelf created by the mountain, they are believed to have had different uses in the past. Some researchers maintain they are an early hermit rock complex while others state that they were used for breeding pigeons for food as well as for using their droppings which, mixed with hay, served as fertilizer.

How to get there:

Take the LR-115 to Arnedo, after 4 km you will arrive to Saint Eulalia Somera. Take the paved road to your right and drive past the bus stop to cross the bridge to your left, drive for 100 meters and continue by foot to the Cave of Ajedrezado (200 m.).

The cave of Ajedrezado is part of an early medieval Hermit cave complex. Inside one can find excavated floor-to-ceiling niches resembling an almost perfect chess board design.

Opening Hours:

Sundays: 11AM / 12AM / 1PM. 


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