Church of Saint Servando and Saint Germán

Built in the same spot where the gothic church stood.

Dates back to early 16th century with an arcade and raised choir from late 16th to early 17th centuries. The sacristy and upper part of the tower are 18th century.

Built with 1-meter-thick ashlar masonry, it consists of three rib-vault naves over pointed arches and free-standing columns with capital entablature.

The current wooden floors are raised an approximate 3 cm. over the old.

The altar piece is 1560 Renaissance where the titular Saint Servando and Saint Germán can be seen wearing the uniform of the “Tercios de Flandes”.

On both sides of the altarpiece there are baroque retables with images of the Virgin of Carmen, Saint Joaquín and Saint Ana.

A notable feature is the 11th century Romanesque sculpture of the Virgin of Peñalba. Originally kept in her namesake chapel, her head was severed and replaced in the 18th century.

17th century Organ with additions from 18th and 19th centuries.

It was included in the Spanish heritage register as a Monument Of Cultural Interest in June 28th 1984.