Climbing routes

Vía Ferrata Lombera

Vía Ferrata Lombera is located on the north crest, with the San Andrés and San Blas Chapels by its feet, overlooking the town.

It is short and relatively easy, ideal for beginners with two bridges and amazing views of the town and the mountains that surround it.

It is the first public itinerary of the Autonomous Community which makes it accessible to those who opt to bring their own climbing equipment. 

In less than 2 km. one climbs 850 m. aided by harnesses and iron cramps to pass through the edge and then climb to the spire in front of Peña del Castillo, at an elevation of more than 900 meters.

La Via Ferrata is classified K3

Climbing routes

Since the 1970s local climbers were attracted by the limestone mountains of Arnedillo and progressively started new climbing routes in attractive spots like the Frontón de los Moros, in the Peña del Castillo via the Mirador del Buitre (the Triangle), on the ravine of Reajo, Peñaco next to the San Miguel Chapel and Peñas next to the Peñalba Chapel.

It is an attraction that brings many climbers that choose to visit the town on their own or with organized climbing trips, mostly in the autumn.