Ruta San Tirso

Directions: Start at the Public Pool, which is the start of the Via Verde del Cidacos, you have the option to take the tunnel, crossing the town underground for 620 meters or you can take the trail on the right side of the tunnel, bordering the town and visiting the Oil Press and the Church. Continue down the Via Verde and the road will cut it twice before reaching the third intersection where you will find the viewpoint to your left and a few meters before you will find a narrow path to your right that leads you down to a one-arch bridge. Continue climbing up the ravine some 700 meters along the stream and in 20 minutes approximately you will reach an esplanade. To your right, buried in the rock is the chapel of San Tirso, you can undo the way back to Arnedillo.

Approximate time: 2:30 hours. (itinerary)